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04 March 2014

Red Dust Entry Three: Sticky Fingers

It’s amazing, the confidence of these children to physically communicate with absolute strangers…

18 February 2014

Red Dust Entry One: Wet Season

In Queensland, it seems the further north you go, the slower things become. The people run on what we call ‘island time’…

28 January 2014

Australia 2014: a collection of thoughts

… on what being Australian means in 2014…

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19 August 2013

Democracy and the campaigning arms race (the politics behind our politicians)

Just how much has money got to do with campaigning and the democratic process in Australia? The simple answer is ‘lots’…

16 August 2013

I am

Described as the ‘greatest pharmaceutical disaster in history’, the Thalidomide morning-sickness pill tragically changed the lives of many families…

09 August 2013

I am more than you see

I am happy I am me… warts and all…

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28 February 2014

Parting words from the outgoing Newsroom Coordinator

It has been fascinating watching citizen journalism develop at a time when all the tools for content creation and publication are in the public’s hands…

21 February 2014

How to correctly expose your photographs

A simple guide for DSLR users…

11 February 2014

5 simple tips for the beginner photojournalist

When you get it right, a photograph can draw people in, emotionally and intellectually…