Image: Protestors outside the Greek Club in West End where Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is speaking, 7 June, 2013. Credit: Ellie Freeman.

Last Friday, June 7 Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott spoke at a fundraising dinner at the Greek Club in the inner Brisbane suburb of West End.

Outside the Greek club, protesters gathered to voice their opinions. Things got a little violent and police had to push and shove protesters to clear a path for members of the Liberal party to enter.

People had to walk through what was called the path of shame to enter the club. Among the angry people, a member of the Liberal party stood outside telling ‘homos’ to return home.

A sign reading ‘I do support gay marriage’ was draped over a car.

Members of the Refugee Action Collective, marriage quality group and Cross River Rail group all gathered outside.

WARNING: Language in the following audio content may offend.

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