James Bustar (R) cheers on Mike Van Acker’s attempt to set a world record at the 2013 Brisbane Ekka for making the most balloon dogs in 90 seconds. Credit: Shirley Way.

Have you ever wanted to break a world record? Well, it is as simple as sitting in your armchair and balancing a plastic bowl.

Comedic stars, James Bustar and Mike Van Acker, proposed an idea that had never been done before at the Ekka, to break new and unusual records.

James said: “All the records we do are a whole lot of fun! They are not ordinary records.”

James had previously done this on cruise ships while Mike had previous stand up experiences.

With their combined talents, they use a site called recordsetter.com to attempt unusual and extraordinary records.

James and Mike’s record attempts differ from the ordinary records that are set in the Guinness book of records, the official record registerers.

James Bustar's world-record breaking 48.1 seconds for juggling clubs while bouncing on a pogo stick. Credit: Shirley Way (2013)

James Bustar’s world-record breaking 48.1 seconds for juggling clubs while bouncing on a pogo stick. Credit: Shirley Way (2013)

The duo’s attempts at a world record have included: making the fastest balloon dogs in 90 seconds, juggling on a pogostick, as many knock knock jokes in a minute and so on until records are broken.

“Some of the them (records) are really hard like the jumping jacks,”James said.

Mike said: “Record Setter seems to be more participant based, I think with the Guinness people they look at something you might register as a record.”

He said that Record Setter was about being first and about trying to beat someone else’s unusual record.

There was audience participation too; one special memory was the audience member who ate a Dagwood dog in 14 seconds.

“He tripled it and did it in 52 seconds,” James said.

James said he and Mike have fun at the show at attempting to break records.

“That is the fun of it for us and we are doing basic fun ones that people in the audience can have fun at too,” Mark said.

The Ekka also set its own record with crowd numbers reaching more than 400,000.

The RNA Chief Executive Brendan Christou said: “the RNA has been thrilled with the response the Queensland community has given to all the new aspects of the show.”

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