Thousands of refugees and supporters turned out for the Lantern Parade Walk for Refugees in Brisbane last night.

The lanterns were made by LightnUp, a community arts group based in the northern New South Wales town of Lismore.

LightnUp artistic director and CEO Jyllie Jackson said she felt privileged to work with the refugee community in Brisbane and hoped they would see the lanterns as a “celebration of themselves”.

Ms Jackson sees lanterns as having special properties.

“I think the light of the lanterns is something which is very beautiful and quite magical and I think it reaches into something very deep inside us – you know, I’ve always thought that lanterns were a metaphor for inner light and I think it resonates with people from all different cultures and walks of life and ages and if you look at cultures throughout the world, lanterns often play a part in their cultural experience and celebration,” Ms Jackson said.

LightnUp became involved in the parade after holding a workshop for refugees who then asked if they would make a special lantern for what was then a candlelight procession.

This year Ms Jackson said they hauled a semi-trailer full of lanterns up for the parade.

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Photos by Ursula Skjonnemand.

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