Kaleidescope: entry three

Travelling through layers of complex dynamics… the near-enlightened sensors and raw emotions, interwoven like the delicate fuses… there within is a person seeking to be satisfied and whole. Ethan, achingly sighed “I want to go into the truth of life”. What is that word: Truth? How much weight it carried in such a small breathy, utterance. To desire truth, to enter in, become part of it, is to engage with sincerity, accuracy. To go into truth, is to seek a life of authenticity … and how could you want anything less than authenticity… truth? For the opposite of truth is quite simply deceit, dishonesty and to want to go into truth is to separate dark and light. I believe Ethan… Read More →

Internet Education: Making the best of situations

Image: Cas at her computer. Credit: none. In 2007, my son was contemplating the end of junior high school and the forthcoming importance of his senior study years. It was at this junction in his education when I saw a documentary about an American father who had never finished high school and decided that he would go back to school with his sons in order to better himself and help his sons complete their senior years.  I wondered whether there was any opportunity in Australia for me to do this also.  My senior high school years had come to an abrupt halt halfway through year eleven in 1977 because I could no longer apply myself to study when there was… Read More →

A revolution is a full circle

On December 21, 2012 I was a part of a procession that walked in a full circle, a revolution, a loop around the heart of Brisbane. You might be asking why on earth would I want to join a procession and why walk in a full circle. Well I must confess I was one of the instigators for this procession so my position is slightly biased and I was joined by others on the day so it wasn’t just a piece of solitary madness. Brisbane is not exactly the procession capital of the world let alone revolutionary procession. So the whole thing needs some explaining, as bizarre as it may sound some of us hope that one day Brisbane will indeed be… Read More →