Meet the new team

The Edge’s new journalism project, CitizenJ, is full steam ahead in 2013. All hands are on deck as Newsroom Coordinator, Ursula, and her team of budding Newsroom Facilitators prepare for the fresh launch of the project’s pioneering news service. There are many ways to get involved. The CitizenJ community newsroom at The Edge is already up and running so come on in and see what’s happening on the top shelf, er, floor. Currently the team is adding the finishing touches to the publication website which will be ready in the next couple of weeks. The Walkley Talks kick off in February and offer an evening of intelligent debate and conversation about the issues afoot in news media today. There’s also… Read More →

The Making of Greg’s Vigil

There is a certain buzz in a newsroom when deadline is approaching and it’s something most journalists come to relish. It’s that same buzz of a looming publication deadline which was in the air when CitizenJ put together its first news package. The story was about Greg Rolles, a Brisbane man who decided to hold a seven-day vigil outside the Pinkenba refugee transit centre. His aim was to raise awareness of refugee rights. CitizenJ spoke to Greg before his vigil and he agreed to make his own personal video of his thoughts and feelings throughout the protest. A number of photographers and radio journalists also visited Greg throughout the week. At the end of it all we had Greg into… Read More →

Get experimental with CitizenJ

Think you’ve got what it takes to reinvent or create an entirely new medium for the way news is sourced, produced and consumed in Australia? We want to hear from you! The Experiments Competition is calling on creatives and entrepreneurs from around Australia to share in $30 000 and help shape the unpredictable future of citizen journalism with some unconventional new ideas. We want to see projects that have relevance in a regional setting, take advantage of the proposed high-speed broadband network and have the potential to be commercialised or scaled up. Successful applicants will receive up to $10 000 to craft a project in The Edge’s newly installed professional newsroom that will potentially have application to be delivered across… Read More →

A newsroom like no other

The Edge is creating the future of journalism; a newsroom like no other. Our new project is set to open up factual storytelling to the masses with a new media outlet run by the community aimed to record history through the eyes of local people. I have been assigned to help create this new newsroom and it’s an opportunity I feel very honoured to have. As a professional cross media journalist I have worked across many media outlets including the Courier Mail, community newspapers, community radio and broadcast television. I now want to bring what I have learnt back to the community and give everyone the chance to have a voice. The New Journalism Project at The Edge has been… Read More →