Image: Musician Jacob “Ceezy” Herman. Credit: Dan Baebler

Jacob ‘Ceezy’ Herman is 17 years old and lives in Inala with his family. He is an emerging hip hop and RnB artist who performs regularly in and around his community.

He was born into a very musical family – his mum and siblings all know how to sing and play instruments. Ceezy describes the defining moment for him as having “happened four years ago when local producer, Damien Bani, heard me singing and jamming with some friends in the hallway at Glenala State High School”.

Ceezy was invited into Damien’s studio where he recorded his first track. He has been kicking goals ever since, performing annually at Stylin’ Up and recording and releasing numerous original songs.

Ceezy was interviewed by Citzen J in the week leading up to his performance at Stylin’ Up 2013.

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Ceezy featured on the event’s lineup alongside renowned acts Lazy J and Big Guy, Hayden, Viva Lale, Mark Lowndes and Aim 4 More.

Ceezy describes himself as smart, friendly, peaceful and respectful. Whilst he’s been fortunate to have a manager and a kick-start into his recording career, he identifies a certain challenge in acquiring gigs. Ceezy believes “it’s all about who you know, who you talk to and who you trust. The organisers of Stylin’ Up have really helped me”.

Ceezy also describes himself as shy, which was initially another challenge for him. Over time he has learnt to overcome this.

Ceezy was born in the Cook Islands but his family moved to Australia when he was a one year old.

He has seven brothers and three sisters. They have started a family band and perform in and around Inala at Polynesian weddings and 21st birthday parties.

His proudest moment, and a day Ceezy will never forget, was when he was given the chance to meet Jessica Mauboy. He met her backstage at a gig and sang to her. She talked about how her career all started for her. She had the same background as him when starting music, and both are shy. He felt comfortable with her.

Ceezy has seen not only his own music, but that of others around him progress over the years. “A lot of my friends back in the local area they started music around the same time as me, a couple of them they’ve been making it pretty far within their music. One of my mates just got signed to Dawn Raid, which is a record label in New Zealand”, says Ceezy. He adds further, “I reckon if you put your mind to it, things can happen.”

Ceezy sees himself in the future being on stage and performing extensively. Ceezy is also interested in helping his local community and seeing others achieve their dreams.

Here’s Ceezy performing in the studio for 4EB’s Fresh Crew program:

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