CitizenJ Newsroom Coordinator Ursula Skjonnemand. Credit: Alban Vinevel.

I think it’s about time we established some news values for CitizenJ!

Traditionally, there are eight core news values, which mainstream media loosely follows as a guide to help decide on which stories to report and how to present those stories.

The traditional/mainstream news values are:

Timeliness (just happened)

Conflict (fighting/disagreement)

Proximity (happened close by)

Prominence (important/famous people)

Significance (important information/will affect a lot of people)

Currency (topic of conversation among general public)

Human interest (will interest people)

The unusual (first, biggest, best, unusual/rare)

For three months we have been free of news values here at CitizenJ, giving contributors free reign in deciding what stories are most worthy.

Interestingly, a pattern has organically emerged. Now we feel that we are ready to decide on some news values.

The stories contributed so far have inspired this list of proposed CitizenJ news values:

Human interest – will interest people

Self-defining – stories that give an insight into life/culture in Queensland today (for ourselves, non-Queenslanders and future generations)

Common ground – where people/groups with differing opinions/cultures agree/harmonise/respect

Good news – positive developments/events/stories

Significance – important information/will affect a lot of people

Currency – topic of conversation among general public

Timeliness – just happened

Proximity – happened close by

As you can see, three of the traditional news values have been replaced and the value of conflict has been turned on its head.

What do you think about these news values? Leave your comment below.

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  • Charmaine

    I much rather prefer the values you have highlighted in your article.

    Enough already with conflict!

    It penetrates the very fabric of living in the 21st century and pollutes our minds with darkness so much so that we have been duped into believing that only dysphoria is alive and well and living on planet Earth.

    If CitizenJ’s mission is all about breaking tradition and reestablishing new frontiers of delivering the news then turning conflict on its head and embracing a change of news values is a far more refreshing and attractive approach.

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