Contributors Hamish Lancaster and Candice Skjonnemand have set the CitizenJ Contributor Rules to music and animation.

Singer songwriter Candice created the beat and voice-over.

“Putting the rules to music makes them more entertaining, more enjoyable,” says Candice.

“Someone’s more likely to get the whole way through all the rules rather than getting bored and not reading the whole thing.”

Candice then passed the song on to Hamish, who designed cartoons to match the messages.

“Five minutes of audio is a fair bit of time in animation terms,” says Hamish.

“I found making steady progress on the rules animation to be intimidating at times.

“I was also looking forward to getting involved in the journalism side of things myself, but knew these rules were my first deadline, so working on them meant I was always working towards the reward of new projects and stories.”

To download a text version of the CitizenJ Contributor Rules, click here.

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