Harmony Day is a day celebrating multicultural Australians with events and workshops around the country.

Fair Comment contributor Ellie Freeman attended the Many Stories, One Australia Media Forum in Brisbane – a panel discussion about getting diverse stories from ethnic communities into mainstream media, organised by the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland.

The panel included Cathie Schnitzerling, Head of News at Channel Ten; Ursula Skjonnemand, former ABC Journalist and Newsroom Coordinator at CitizenJ; and 4EB radio broadcasters Manju Jehu from the Indian community and Erwin Cabucos from the Filipino community.

The panellists spoke about their personal experiences with the cultural clashes in the Australian media, and even gave advice to a Kanaka* man, Colin Tarare, about sharing stories about his family history.

*Editor’s note: Colin Tarare proudly identifies as a Kanaka, having reclaimed the term.

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  • Ellie Freeman

    Note: I didn’t take the photo. Well done, whoever did!

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