Heather Faulkner viewing one of her photographs. Credit: Ellie Freeman.

By Ellie Freeman, 15 February, 2013


The reign of the conservative Joh Bjelke-Peterson government in the 1980s was a politically turbulent time in the state’s history. The LGBTIQ community suffered under this government, unable to be openly homosexual without the risk of losing their jobs, homes or families.

Gold Coast Queensland College of Art photography academic Heather Faulkner is documenting the lives of eight lesbian women who lived through this time in Queensland. Her research has taken her from northern Queensland, to the Brisbane suburb of Rocklea, to Warwick in Queensland and as far as Adelaide.

Fair Comment contributor Ellie Freeman met Heather to talk about making her documentary and photos of the extraordinary women she’s met – a diverse mix of rockstars, academics, activists and grandmothers.

LINK: Heather Faulkner’s QLD Stories research blog

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