Image: Dr Senewiratne at the Boundless Plains to Share rally in Brisbane. Credit: Bec Waterhouse

Dr Brian Senewiratne, an immigrant himself, spoke on Sunday at Brisbane’s Boundless Plains to Share rally against the Rudd Government’s tough changes to Australia’s asylum seeker policy saying “I have never been more ashamed to be an Australian.”

This sentiment was shared by the crowd who cheered and chanted “Shame!”

Speaking of his reservations in migrating to this country with its White Australia Policy forty-years-ago Dr Senewiratne said “I came here and found some of the nicest people in the world… why the bloody hell can’t you pick some decent politicians?”

After a forty-year membership Dr Senewiratne has resigned his ALP membership in protest to these changes.

Audio of the rally is available through David Jackmanson’s Bandcamp album.

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