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With the internet and social media being so intertwined with the upcoming federal election, I have decided to prepare a guide of sorts, to help you find all of the information necessary to make an informed judgement on September the 7th.

Earlier this year the ABC launched a survey called Vote compass which asks you 20 questions and gives your similarity with the ALP, LNP and the Greens. The image below is a screenshot of my own results. As you can see, it gives you a rough indication of how your values and opinions align with the parties.

Vote Compass Screen Shot
Vote Compass

Furthermore, a policy booth called Pre/Poll gives you the option of selecting policies you are interested in and comparing them to most of the registered parties such as the Australian Sex Party, Christian Democratic Party, Family First as well as the top three parties. You are allowed to select up to five policy topics at one time and compare each party against each other. As you can see in the screen shot, the information is short and snappy and some parties have a web source hyperlink to the right where you can read more about the party policies.

PrePoll Screen Shot
PrePoll Screen Shot

These two resources can give you a better understanding of what parties are most aligned with your values and opinions.

A survey carried out by Essential Research surveyed 1,902 participants and asked if they were firm or swinging voters. 22% of respondents said they were either likely to change their vote or undecided on who they would vote for. That means 1 in 5 voters is a swinging voter! If you are an undecided voter, find out where you stand on political issues and remember to vote preferentially in order of your favorite to least favorite, even if you know that party will not win.

You can read the latest Essential Research poling report Here


With the election only days away, now is the time to get informed!

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