How to book:
1) Make sure that your email account is linked to a Gmail account (visit or Google+ and make a new gmail account or link your existing email account)

2) After you’ve registered as a contributor you must also sign an ‘Equipment Use’ form

3) In the calendar below you can see when the equipment is currently booked

4) You can add each of the booking items by hitting the ‘Google+’ button at the bottom right of the calendar, whilst signed in to your Google account. You will then be sent to your calendars page – hit ‘Add All’ so that you can access the booking calendar for each piece of equipment

If you have any problems accessing these calendars, email

5) Once you find a free time, add your booking to the calendar by clicking the day and time slot, then add your name to ‘What’ and make sure to choose the correct equipment via ‘Calendar’

If you want to book for a longer period of time, zoom out further by hitting the ‘Week’ or ‘Month’ tab on the top right

6) A Coordinator or Facilitator must be present to physically loan you the equipment

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