Large group of Australian South Sea Islanders on a Queensland plantation

Image: Large group of South Sea Islanders on a Queensland plantation. Courtesy of State Library of Queensland collections.

Australian South Sea Islanders 150 years: what does it mean?

2013 marks 150 years since the first Pacific Islanders were brought to Australia under the Pacific Island Laborers Act.

CitizenJ partnered with the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland and Griffith University to help 11 Australian South Sea Islanders from around Queensland to produce their own stories about what the anniversary means to them.

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Religion in Australia today: what does it mean to you?

CitizenJ is partnering with the Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre to bring together the voices of people from a range of faiths, as well as those without religion, to write about what religion means in Australia today.

We’d like to hear what you have to say too.

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Creative Community Engagement Projects

Tucked away in tiny crevices, inside warehouses and dance studios and inner-city office blocks, are clusters of people making a change. They are the faces of community groups and organisations all over Queensland, offering up creative ways to engage the public at the grassroots level.

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The Other
Despite living on the same land under the shared concept of a nation, there are different rules for ‘other’ people in Australia. The Other is a series of profiles and stories of ‘the other’ Australians – people with diverse backgrounds, lives, interests and needs outside of the mainstream.

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Brisbane Entrepreneurs

What does it take to ‘make it’ as an entrepreneur in Brisbane?

What motivates entrepreneurs in different industries? What are the challenges and benefits of being an entrepreneur? And how do Brisbane entrepreneurs define success? 

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What is a megastory?

A megastory is a multi-dimensional story told from a variety of perspectives, and/or by a variety of people.

How do I get involved?

You can get involved in a CitizenJ megastory by joining up and submitting your story to the site, or by sending your story to us by email.

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