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  • Lisa

    I do not envy your position at all, and so sympathise for your plight and that of the other schools. The Government should support its people no knock them off their feet and stick them in a place to have to fight them for what should be their right. This LNP Gov appears to keep pitting community against community so we all end up fighting each other eg Public Service vs Private, Solar Panel owners vs non, big school vs small and public school vs private. They are actually really good at it, bully tactics also.

    I have no clue what you guys can do and would guess 95% of the public would not either. This Gov is also very good at taking down the little guy and many have fought and lost eg nursing homes, disabled, private renters (TAAS), School for the Traveling Children (on FB SAVE Qstsc).

    Although I will provide the only advice I can:
    1) keep up the fight, know the community is becoming more and more aware of what is happening in this state, as are other states

    2) keep up the awareness, FB is an amazing start, this article another, keep going with that, even if you loose the fight it gets the awareness out to others and may encourage them to stand up also, join other similar FB groups and post in them, join the other schools for a joint fight

    3) get in touch with the School for the Travelling Children I know they faced this battle, were unsure where to go and learned a lot (eg learned they had to give 6 months notice before closing a school (maybe why LNP did it this way this time))

    4) seek out who knows who, you may not know who may hear a shout out for help and have a friend with legal or political knowledge that would love to help even if it is just information, or who knows people in the media and alike that could help with awareness (as it appears thank you to Steve here!!!)

    5) contact Anastasia and your Federal member or even other Labour ones Wayne Swan? Peter Garrett? looming Fed election has them out and about more than usual

    6) send regular letters to your local member and Langbroek, keep them busy having to reply, make regular phone calls and do not be afraid to make a nuisance of your self – they are taking your school or at the very least causing how many kids, parents and family member grief, do not be afraid or feel bad being the squeaky wheel!! What they are doing is not ok!

    7) document as much as you can

    8) dont give up, people power starts small and grows, you may not see it but it is out there, it is growing and may help others too!!

    9) Good luck!! I will be watching, cheering you on and doing anything I can think to help also

  • Adrienne

    Thanks Steven Riggall for a perceptive, well written article.

  • virginia balmain

    Hi Paul

    I am concerned that the Dept inends to knockdown at least 4 ‘colonial’ houses on Annie Street New Farm to build new 2/3 classroom blocks. I have drwn up some background info & some suggestions – if you want a copy just email to me at vbalmain@optusnet.com.au & Ill send you a copy- needs to be circualaated!!

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