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Phoebe Baldwin

Phoebe Baldwin

I have recovered just enough to sit down and write this. You see, ten minutes ago (I am ashamed to say), I was on the verge of tears… because I have no Internet connection.

You might think this is an overreaction, but I am accustomed to being able to add to one of my six Tumblr blogs whenever I please. Yes, I said six.

The problem arises with my parents, neither of whom are aware of the brilliance of the World Wide Web and therefore choose not to have access at home. Thus, visiting them, as I am now, renders my iPad useless and means I get completely cut off from my online self.

After two weeks of fasting I decided to go on a mission, a mission for Wi-Fi.

The nearest source was a chain ‘restaurant’ that definitely doesn’t rhyme with schmick-schmonalds. There I shelled out $6 on something that resembled coffee and a macaron that the French would happily disown, neither of which I wanted.

But I was being a good customer, I figured if I was going to scab Internet off this multi-billion dollar corporation I should purchase something (also I didn’t want them to notice I was doing so and kick me out).

I sat there with my procured goods displayed clearly on my tiny table and turned on my Wi-Fi.

The tick of connection popped up on my beautiful piece of Apple technology and I was excited to check how Instagram was holding up due to my lack of food selfies. Then a warning stopped me in my tracks: “You are unable to connect at this time”.

No, just no.

I am fairly confident that foreign correspondents in Uganda have better Internet access than this. After more than an hour of trying to connect, including moving to five different tables, I called off the mission.

I have come to realise that a break is for the best.

Internet plays such a large part in most of our lives these days, it’s probably good to disconnect every so often.

In the grand scheme of things though, I am glad, of all the things to be addicted to I figure the Internet is one of the most harmless.

But seriously, if someone could just let me know how many followers I’ve gained on Tumblr that would be great.

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