Image: Heather Anderson. Credit: Steven Riggall.

Here at CitizenJ we’re ¬†interested in how things tick.

Now, a research project funded through the CitizenJ Experiments Fund seeks to find out what makes CitizenJ tick. And you can help.

Dr Heather Anderson is a passionate advocate for community media and public participation in the political process.

She’s looking to interview anyone who has been involved with CitizenJ – including those who haven’t published stories on the site.

“I see notions of democracy, participation in public life, as being very important and I see the media as playing a really important role in that,” Dr Anderson said.

“For me, I have a strong interest in the way the public produces information and engages in public debate outside of the more traditional notions of democracy.”

You can speak to Dr Anderson on the phone, in person or via email.

By gathering information from participants, looking at how the project got started and observing what has happened so far, Dr Anderson hopes to show what CitizenJ has achieved and what we can learn from it.

The research is primarily being conducted through the Griffith Centre for Cultural Research. Dr Anderson will publish her findings in a report to CitizenJ and hopes to have the data published separately in academic journals.

No personally identifying information will be included in the report or any accompanying publications. Confidentiality will be respected at all times during the interviews.

To get involved, contact Heather Anderson at by June 17.

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