A Comedy Walking Tour ‘2013 – When we were idiots’ is presented as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival
Departs from Brew Bar, Burnett Lane, Brisbane City
Duration: 90 minutes

A Comedy Walking Tour, 2013 - When we were idiots

Penguin tour guide Xavier Toby showcases Brisbane before the apocalypse on comedy walking tour, “2013 – When we were idiots”. Photo: Shirley Way

It’s 2113 – a century since Brisbane society collapsed. We lost the ability to read anything longer than a tweet and our personalities were buried under take-away coffee cups. After the antarctic ice melted, asylum-seeking penguins were detained in Nauru – until they were recognised as natural comedic talents and tour guides.

Welcome to 2013 – When we were idiots, a retrospective walking tour of Brisbane. Like The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, it delivers an inside-out (or outside-in) perspective of society with a comedic twist.

As time-travelling tourists from an eco-sustainable 2113, we’re taken on a tour of 21st century pop culture, consumerism, politics, and individualism where no topic is sacred.

Don your satire, wield your irony and take to the streets! Look at this city and its populace with fresh eyes.

Compare a modern shopping centre ablaze with advertising and entrances, but few exits, to the elegant Brisbane Arcade.

Wonder that few people seem to notice a penguin talking a group of people in high visibility vests.

Applaud the buskers who take our music to the world, but, beware, the street performers who spin out one joke or talent too long.

Describing this zany tour too well would be a spoiler-alert.

Come with a sense of humour, and, if some jokes are not to your liking, your guide will adapt his style.

Walking Tour: 12 May
Host: Xavier Toby

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