Underground Productions presents ‘Gumpoldskirchen’ as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival
Venue: ‘Railway Park’, cnr Neridah Lane and Milton Road, Milton
Duration: 90 minutes, no interval

“All aboard!” Robin and Aidan Abbott are on a train journey across Europe.

It’s the first time Robin has travelled beyond the UK, and five or six years since he’s seen his estranged brother.

Meet Aidan, a Type ‘A’ personality who organises every minute of the day, and, who hates to fly.

Making conversation is less an art form than an awkward attempt to get to know each other. From arguments to acceptance, it’s a revealing 20-hour train ride from London to Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, to collect their father’s ashes.

Congratulations to Bianca Butler for a natural-sounding script, and the cast for an engaging delivery.

The playground in Railway Park, Milton, is a superb choice: there’s a train, a playhouse labelled ‘coffee shop’ – and it’s next to the railway track.

A tarp covered in blankets and cushions for the audience makes for a comfy ride – except our make-believe carriage was open to the elements. We arrived in Berlin – the half-way point of our journey – to be rained out and look forward to seeing the final half of the play. (Thanks for taking our details.)

Gumpoldskirchen is a tale of two brothers, family secrets and sibling rivalry. Bianca Butler describes it well: “The play remains funny, but only in the way that life itself is funny. Most of us are sitting on memories and fears much darker than we have the will to admit. That doesn’t make us bad: it just means we’ve lived.”

Notes from Underground Productions:
(a) Gumpoldskirchen is in Austria
(b) This has nothing to do with Rumpelstiltskin

Performance seen: 12 May
Review: Shirley Way

Writer: Bianca Butler
Cast: Dan Cox, Dylon King, Alice de Groot, Emma Bidstrup
Director: Megan Gansberg; Assistant Director: Zac Von Hoff

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