We’re perched on top of The Edge on a remarkably crisp, clear night. Behind the make-shift stage is the best backdrop in Brisbane: the city skyline.  It’s amazing that a sole performer can draw attention away from the view, but Darkwing Dubs knows how to get an audience’s attention: be loud, be funny, be charismatic.

Cutting between spoken word, song and poetry, interspersed with a tinge of stand-up, Maximal mixes the personal, the political and the ludicrous. It’s rehearsed chaos, with the show flowing easily from one topic and style to another to create a balanced whole. It moves between raucous, poignant and hilarious.

Darkwing Dubs speaks about the things that are important to him. It’s a long list, but includes ninjas, science fiction and fantasy, pop culture… the geek references come thick and fast at some points of the show. And yet at quiet moments we find out about his views on education, depression, religion and other controversial topics.

I’ve seen this performer in action many times before, but never with more than a 15 minute set. It takes remarkable talent to keep an audience’s attention for an hour with only the power of your words. Yet we could have sat there for two.

There were many moments that left the audience in stitches, including a wonderful song about how he was going to spend the money from the show. It’s rare to see audience members doubled over with laughter, but Maximal delivered some of the best laughs I’ve had in a long time.

Darkwing Dubs (aka Scott Sneddon) is a man of many talents, proven by this first foray into a solo show. Sadly, Maximal’s short run at Anywhere has finished but it’s a must see if it’s repeated in Brisbane. In the meantime, you can see him performing with Angela Willock in Mixtape for the second week of Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Reviewed by Nerissa Rowan


by Darkwing Dubs 

Presented as part of the 2013 Anywhere Theatre Festival

Lawn, The Edge, State Library of Queensland

10–11 May

Bookings: www.anywherefest.com

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