Impromafia present ‘The Lore School’ as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival
Venue: Queensland Terrace, the State Library of Queensland
Duration: 60 minutes

The lost works of Shakespeare may be found anywhere – and where better than a library?

Impromafia dip their quill into audience members’ daily lives to prove that the bard drew inspiration from real life.

In today’s edition of The Lore School, the Duke declares that all who snore in the marriage bed shall be executed. His sleep has been disrupted by the night-time whistling and snorting of his townspeople.

Meanwhile, two friends compete for the affections of the Duke’s daughter. One declares his love to the winsome maid, while the Duke appoints the other as Snore Master-General with a command to kill all snorers.

Be assured: the twists and turns of this unlikely tale are tidily resolved.

The audience delighted in the improbable plot and the creative language – from brandy as the drink of legislation to the highly colourful and inventive descriptions of snoring.

The set is simple: a mat of green, a few trees (forest), backed by the State Library’s Great Wall of China – the feature display of cups and crockery at the Queensland Terrace – which doubles as the Duke’s palace in Venice.

The audience was too few for this improvised delight.

For any given performance, Impromafia may channel Shakespeare, Austen or Conan Doyle. The author that emerges is sure to delight!

Performance seen: 18 May, 2013
Review: Shirley Way

Cast: Impromafia

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