‘The Travelling Sisters let loose’ is presented as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival
Venue: A Brisbane lounge room
Duration: 80 minutes

It’s night-time in the suburbs. Guided down a secret laneway by torchlight, we arrive at a classic Queenslander lounge room where we settle into chairs or snuggle onto pillows in front of the fireplace.

The Travelling Sisters found this vacant home, stocked with two microphones and two guitars, after a night out at the local pub. They stumbled in for a kip and haven’t left. We’ve been invited as friends for a night of laughter, stories and philosophical musings.

Life inspires in all its joy, sorrow and little embarrassments…

Lucy weaves the night’s stories together as she sings the tale of how a cowboy lassoed her heart, but when it all fell apart, she cried tears into the sea and was rescued by a pirate. The Tim Minchin-style song is the soundtrack to a quirky animated film.

Love won and lost is but one tale amidst musings on faith, moments of sheer joy, the adventures of cycling unfit with flat tyres and faulty brakes versus how to run with style.

Ell’s talent is performance poetry, and her ode to mahogany and its percussive qualities is a standout.

These sisters in song and story are a dynamic duo, perfectly attuned to each other’s thoughts, who flirt and chat with the audience. They work the long rectangular room well with a microphone at each end for songs and poetry, a table to leap and prance upon, and the central mahogany archway as witness to their possession of the house – and audience.

The welcome begins with tea, coffee and fudge for sale, continues with popcorn as the film begins, biscuits at the half-way point, and a final supper for a warm farewell.

The Travelling Sisters are home, and you’re invited.

Performance seen: 19 May 2013
Review: Shirley Way

Cast: Lucy Fox and Ell Sachs

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