Melanie Yasserie started researching her Australian South Sea Islander heritage after her children started asking questions she couldn’t answer.

This story is part of a megastory to mark the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first Australian South Sea Islanders. Visit the megastory.

2013 marks 150 years since the first Pacific Islanders were brought to Queensland. Some came willingly, many were tricked, some were kidnapped. They worked in cane and other primary industries and were in many cases essentially slaves. The descendants of those workers are Australian South Sea Islanders.

This story was produced by Melanie Yasserie as part of the Australian South Sea Islander Multimedia Storytelling Workshop hosted by CitizenJ at The Edge, State Library of Queensland 25-27 June, 2013 and delivered in partnership with the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland and Griffith University.

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